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Malin Mossberg was born in 1972, raised in Molkom, Sweden and has painted since her childhood. Her inspiration comes from the dreamy nature surrounding her parents' home, but also from her Cuban family where dance and music are a big part of everyday life. She paints in her studio in her nowadays hometown of Gothenburg.


The relationship between the human inner and outer landscape is a continuous theme that is reflected in a humble and honest way in her work. Watercolor as an art form gives her the space to create a mysticism that, at the time of creation, chooses its own path. Selected works by Mossberg have been exhibited at Edsviken Art Hall, Gallery Backlund, Rackstad Museum, Higher Art Gallery, USA.


You can buy Malin's art at Nordic Art Wall, Gallery Mats Bergman, Gallery Backlund Gothenburg, and Bohuskonst. 

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